2012–Almost Over? Really?

by Giver Girl on December 15, 2012

Hard to believe we’ve got just over two weeks until 2012 comes to a close.  It’s been an interesting year in terms of our giving.  We ended up taking on a larger giving project that basically claimed the $52 times 52 weeks for the entirety of the year.  We’ve given larger amounts in smaller intervals and have found that devoting so much of our resources to one organization brings with it its own challenges; for example, we’ve noticed ourselves becoming more critical of that one particular organization, and have paid much closer attention in a much more painstaking manner to the way they spend their money.  We’ve had some uncomfortable conversations about the way we want our donation allocated.  And perhaps that’s not a bad thing.  Yes, things seemed simpler last year–we put our trust in the Charity Navigator ratings and fired of those fifty-twos with a nice, warm feeling–but what goes on day in and day out in each of those organizations was and is undoubtedly much more complex than a simple four-star rating can indicate.


Giver Boy and I have also noticed that the more spaced-out our giving became, the less we thought about it.  The less we thought about it, the less fastidious we were about examining our regular purchases and little everyday luxuries.  Perhaps as a result, we are nowhere near as “in the black” as we were at this time last year.  Don’t get us wrong, we haven’t gone broke…but we’ve definitely spent more than needed to be spent outside of our necessities, and we’re pretty frustrated with that.

It’s kind of disappointing to say all this, to come to the end of another year and feel that we let ourselves down in contrast to the brilliant “miraculous-ness” of our 2011 project.

And so, as we approach another New Year’s and another attempt to set new goals, we will keep all of this in mind.  Stay tuned as to what that might mean for our lives, and this blog, in 2013.

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