You are always welcome to make a public pledge on this site for your own giving, although the method of blogging we employed in 2011 is no longer in place.  Stay tuned to see what the coming years will bring!

Our 52 times 52 givers gave $19,973.38 in 2011.

$52 Level
1. Us!
2. Bmore Giver
3. Amac3434
4. Anonymous
5. Bekah
6. bearcubhead
7. Anonymous
8. rockekmek
9. cousindolly
10. Anon

$25 Level
1. Ernest Marshall
2. Anonymous
3. Heine Family

$5.20 Level
1. Bonaventure
2. Amitee33
3. AspieGiver
4. Erinn
5. James
6. Kitzie
7. anonymous
8. Spudly

Custom Levels
1. NikkiBob&Felix ($15.25)
2. Anonymous ($5.52)



“This will be a great way to begin the new year!  Thanks for letting me join your efforts :)”

“This is a brilliant idea guys! Im very excited to be joining such a wonderful project.”

“I like to pay-it-forward at drive-in windows.  It’s amazing how shocked the workers and recipients are when this happens!”

“I love your truly inspired me! Thank you for putting such positivity into the world and for inspiring people like me in your process.”

“You could do a lot with your money, I know, like go shopping, but I love what you’ve chosen to do here and how you do it.”

“I’m off to start my own giving today; appreciate your motivating story.”

“There have been a number of times in my life when I have been the recipient of an anonymous gift and had no idea whom to thank. So, I thank the two of you on behalf of a grateful receiver of such generosity. From someone who has been on the other end, it truly does make a difference!”

“Reading the story of your project was very inspiring and gave me increased confidence in the face of others who question the use and effectiveness of charity. I will keep on giving too!”

“Thanks for the inspiration.  I was moved to sign up by Giver Boy’s reflection on ‘young people.’  We continue to meet folks in this age group who are struggling, yet who seem to, somehow, have more hope than we do.  They teach us that less is more, in many ways.”