March Giving Update–And Help Us Catch Up!

by Giver Girl on March 22, 2012

Well, as was forecast, we haven’t been around much lately.  But we have been giving.  We’ve had fun recently just letting a few weeks’ worth of $52s pile up and then handing the cash out all at once.  We’ve made two gifts since we last wrote: one to a close friend of ours, who along with his wife are missionaries and who expressed a dire need for support to get them through the end of winter (we weren’t alone in helping them out–they now have more than they need!); and another to a cause in support of my mother, who is raising funds for the American Heart Associaton’s Heart Walk.

These gifts were pretty much the opposite of anonymous–we obviously know, love, and communicated with the recipients–but I still say they honor the tradition we’ve started.

All that said, we’re about $75 shy of where we should be right now, according to the math of the $52 per week formula.  While we’re not following our old ways to the letter, we do want to make sure the amount stays at the same level, or higher.

I’d love to give $100 today to a charitable effort in need–any ideas?

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