So…Change of Plans…

by Giver Girl on February 27, 2012

As you’ve surely noticed if you’re anything of a regular reader (or one of our fellow givers), we’ve been incredibly delinquent in coming up with our regular weekly posts for the past month or so.  It is with some (but not much) regret that I’m here to tell you: Giver Boy and I have decided not to continue this blog in the same format in 2012.  I say not much regret because I can assure you that we are going to continue giving–at the same rate, or possibly even higher, as our funds allow.

Why have we decided this?  There are a number of reasons, but the three most salient are:

1) My (Giver Girl’s) work schedule has taken a busy turn.  (A very good thing!  More money = more giving!)

2) We have found ourselves in a position to financially help friends and family members in need in a way that was not asked of us last year, and these gifts have been more personal in nature, and less “let’s go write a blog post about that.”

3) Because of our improved financial outlook, we are starting to consider ways to make larger, less frequent gifts to a smaller number of charities.

What does all this mean for the blog?  Well, we’re not going anywhere, that’s for certain.  We want to keep our readers informed of our continued giving journey in 2012 and beyond, and we want to continue to write about that journey both for public and private edification.  We will keep all of our posts from 2011 live to the site and we encourage any existing or new weekly givers to check them out, either for giving ideas or for sentimental browsing.

And, as I say, we want to stay here and we want to stay connected with all of you.  You have made the past year such a powerful and unforgettable experience, just by sharing in it with us.

We can’t thank you enough for that.

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